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I discovered this recipe a few years ago on allrecipes.com and make it a few times a year. After the loaf is cooked, I wait until it has cooled, slice the meat and freeze the slices. Whenever I crave a homemade donair, I just fry them up straight from frozen.

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simsimma4 April 23, 2010

An excellent recipe! Very close to the donairs I've always loved. I did however use my own sauce recipe(Big John's Gyros/Donair Sauce) as it is the exact sauce donair shops I frequent use. It's nice to find a recipe that's so close. Thanks for posting. As far as the comments about this sauce, mine and others using garlic etc and not being "authentic Nova Scotia" donair sauces... I suggest the poster go to England or Europe and order from one of the million or so shops there. This is NOT a Canadian food and you don't have exclusive knowledge.

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Big John April 25, 2009

Seriously. I've been making this recipe for almost a decade, and it is the closest I can get in my kitchen, outside of NS/PEI. In response to a previous review regarding the sauce ingredients being "revolting": For anyone who missed the MEMO: This recipe is for donairs. This recipe uses "donair" sauce. If you're not from the Maritimes, clearly you don't understand. Because, for some godforsaken reason, they don't have donairs in the states. Not even at Epcot. If you want an authentic tasting donair, RUN. to your kitchen. Make. This. Now. If you're looking for a gyro - go find a gyro recipe. Two totally different things. Quick History: Donairs stemmed from a Lebanese sandwich called the "shawarma" (also a great sandwich by the way). Gyros, I believe, have a greek origin. And, also, if you've never had the pleasure of having a donair: TRY IT. It's great.

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Sica B. September 24, 2015

I have found this to be as close to my fave donair shop. I disagree with this being truly revolting. When I tried it, I tripled the meat, but quadrupled the spices. It was great, my family loved it, it was devoured. The sauce is great, I also made a dill sauce for those who didn't want the sweet sauce, it was totally awesome. This is the best, and I have tried others, I have even had a sweet donair meat, that was truly revolting. This is the best , and this is coming from guys who have worked in restaurants and such, and picky eight year olds and a really picky 21 year old. My family loved it. The only complaint was it put them to sleep lol

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DMSawan February 17, 2011

If I could give it ten I would. I never had a donair, but I have been having a craving for gyros, and alas no place around us has them. While searching for a recipe I stumbled on to this. I just finished making the loafs, and had to try a slice. OMG was this every tasty. I am going to start keeping this on hand, and use like a luncheon meat, instead of things like salami and the like. Next onto the sauce. I don't have canned milk, so I will have to change it a bit, maybe cornstarch to thicken it a little, might even make a parmesian cheese sauce, using the sweet garic sauce. Thanks so much for posting

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redneckgetaway51 July 14, 2010

My wife made me these one time when I was feeling homesick and craving them. These are superb!!! We now have them so often I've made our own 'Donair' blend of spices and just put in 5 1/4 tsp each time we make the recipe to save a little time.

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Po' Liscious January 25, 2010

My boyfriend is from Halifax and he gave this recipe rave reviews! I would use more spices next time, but it tasted great anyway. For the sauce, I used evaporated milk, and minced garlic instead of garlic powder; it didn't thicken up as much as it should have (I'm pretty sure that was my fault!) but it tasted amazing. This is a keeper! P.S. kneading the meat was great stress relief :)

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afredorap November 05, 2009

I give this 3 stars ONLY because the recipe OTHER THAN the sauce was good, and the kids all enjoyed their dinner. But I couldn't sleep until I'd written this review, because the sauce is truly revolting. I suspected it would be, based on the ingredients .... I was leery of a sauce containing milk, garlic powder, sugar and vinegar, but after reading the glowing reviews, decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. YUCK. Had to throw it out, really nauseating. So, we substituted plain yogurt, which is what we had, and it was good. Tzatziki would be good too. Will definitely make the meat again, and serve it with pitas, and toppings like tomatoes and cucumber, etc. Hope this review will steer people away from that dreadful sauce though.

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JacquelynLee April 28, 2009

Mmmmm. Try this. It's fantastic. Depending on the ground beef you're using (extra lean especially), it may appear to be dry while mixing ( I was using extra lean sirloin). I added an egg and some (a couple tbls) breadcrumbs. Baked in two separate loafs so decreased baking time by about 10 minutes. Freezed one and GOBBLED UP the other. YUM!!!! *****NOTE***** If you screw up the sauce (as I did... was totally too thin... I think I stirred too much?? Who knows... haha), it can be fixed with some gelatin and appropriate chilling time. Seriously, mine was like soup, but I fixed it!! :) Thanks so much... delicious!

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newfiechic April 18, 2009
Dash Riprock's Real Halifax Donair