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Great muffins! This is one muffin I thought was best cold (as in right out the refrigerator), because they reminded me a bit of strawberry shortcake. Loved the hint of almond flavor (I used almond extract, as that is all I had and what I assumed was meant by almond "flavoring"). I made 12 regular muffins and 15 mini muffins. (I baked them at 325F convection and, if memory serves, baked the regular muffins about 22 minutes and the mini muffins around 12.) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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GaylaJ July 11, 2007

I must have done something seriously wrong because they were absolutely awful. I have double and triple checked the recipe to see if anything I did was contrary and it doesn't seem to be but these came out like rocks. I shouldn't have even put them into the oven because I could see they were heavy and dry while I was mixing. After they were cooked, they were not only incredibly heavy but they had little flavor.

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ruthrh June 15, 2013

These were made as a treat for my dh. He enjoyed them very much. I only made half of the recipe, but made exactly as written and ended up with 6 jumbo muffins. The muffins had a nice flavor and great crumb. I cooked these for 30 minutes because they were so large. Thank you for sharing your recipe Bluenoser.

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Baby Kato May 09, 2013

Easy to make and I did use splenda for both brown and white sugar. Cooked 30 min and it still not done. I made sure My measurments were correct and that the toothpick came out clean but it still was not done.I may try again and will revisit this rating.

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bill mayes June 02, 2012

These were very yummy! I made half a batch b/c I only had 1 1/2 cups of strawberries and got 9 muffins. I had to substitute vanilla for the almond extract but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Thanks, Bluenoser!

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Paramela May 05, 2012

i really wanted to love these...i ended up with 2 lbs. of fresh super sweet strawberries that were so ripe i was gonna lose them in just a couple days, so i made these. while the texture was perfect, the flavor was just a bit off for me. my husband and i both thought the almond flavoring was too overwhelming (next time i might use 1 tsp. almond and 1 tsp. vanilla). we also felt that they needed to be sweeter. again, the texture was spot on, so i may keep this recipe and just try to doctor up the other components. thanks for sharing. : )

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luvn-n-the-oven June 28, 2009
Darrell's Strawberry Muffins