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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a friend's wedding cake. We tried several chocolate cake recipes, including this one. We had two finalists: this recipe and another, more complex cake. We actually took the cakes to a restaurant and had others help with the decision. Hands down, this cake was the winner!! Guests at the wedding also loved it and kept complimenting me. I made this cake again for a friend's baby's first birthday and several people said it was the best cake I had made to date! It's so moist and chocolatey.
The one change i did make was to use 3/4 cup strong coffee (espresso works great) instead of just the hot water. It adds another dimension of deliciousness!

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essie0 December 22, 2010

This is an excellent chocolate cake! I halved this recipe and it made 16 regular sized cupcakes. Baked at 350* for around 14 minutes and they came out prefect and moist! I just tasted one fresh out of the oven and it is awesome even without frosting! I can't imagine how delicious they'll be with some homemade vanilla mint frosting! Thank you for this keeper recipe!

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ChefMom08 July 06, 2010

Absolutely fantastic - moist and very chocolatey. Tops my my grandmother's famous buttermilk chocolate cake, which my mom & I have never quite been able to master, and is extremely simple & fool-proof. Don't believe the disclaimer about the time it may take to make this, in my book, no recipe you can prep in the time it takes the oven to preheat is too long :)

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NE Foodie March 06, 2011

It was a hit! I took another rater's suggestion and used only 1 and a half cups of sugar because I layered the cake with chocolate mousse and covered it with chocolate ganache so I knew that the cake didn't need to be sweet with all the other components. It came out great! My guests were impressed and actually complimented the cake part itself. I forgot to take a picture and I really regret it because it came out beautiful for my first cake not out of a box.

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paagiela June 23, 2010

UPDATE 8/23/10
I've been making this recipe everytime I want chocolate cake that's amazing :) The BEST is when Sprouts has their double dutch-processed cocoa powder in for the holidays, otherwise it's just the tollhouse cocoa powder.

I am making cupcakes for my diabetic father, and I tried this with Stevia in the Raw -- Noooo. It gives the batter an odd taste, which was very disappointing.

So I switched back to Splenda! I used 1/2 cup of the brown sugar Splenda, and 1/2 cup of the Splenda for baking. Plenty sweet and still fluffy and fairly moist. I went with a full cup of the boiled water, which is what I believe gives this the moistness. And so there you go! :) It can be made with Splenda, just take the total amount of sugar down to 1 cup. Like I said, very sad about the Stevia not working, but I've always heard mixed reviews on it. Maybe one day there will be a good sugar substitute without dextrose or maltdextrin and sucralose snuck in. I hate to think what this does to the body.

Till then, for me and my DH, it'll be just regular sugar in moderation. One day I'll try this with raw sugar and see how it does -- till then, STILL AN AWESOME RECIPE :D

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GigaCat August 23, 2010

The BEST! A tip for newbie bakers who have difficulties getting a level baked cake, roll up a cloth napkin (do it on diagonal for the exact perfect length for 9inch pans) then drench in water. Wrap around the outside of the pan (secure with a cloth hair elastic) and bake as usual. You could put a level on top of baked cake and it would be perfect. I also used Pan Release, Professional Pan Coating (Better Than Pam Spray!) for an easy release. Made for my cat's 10th birthday. Thanks for posting!

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Poofy February 12, 2010

Wow - just served this for Xmas Eve dinner and it was a HUGE hit! I was a little worried about (the handful) of bad reviews - but I can confirm that a) this cooked beautifully in two 9 inch pans in exactly 30 mins and b) came out of the pans easily and in one piece, c) didn't sink after cooling, d) didn't overflow while cooking and e) was totally delicious!

I used just over 2/3 cup of boiling water (didn't try subbing coffee instead) and in fact followed the recipe exactly, to the letter. The cake came out really light, moist and the perfect sweetness.

We used Kittencal's chocolate frosting between the two layers and all over the cake - and that was amazing too.

Last but not least, we ran a vegetable peeler down the long edge of a milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate bar to cover the top with tri-colored chocolate curls - and voila! Better than any chocolate cake that I've ever had from a bakery, restaurant . . . or anywhere!! Seriously!! Would give this six stars if I could!!

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Michaelk69 December 24, 2012

Definitely the best chocolate cake ever. I've made it twice now and have gotten rave reviews both times! The only warning I would give is to be careful using cake flour because this cake is so moist that when you use cake flour, it practically falls apart when you try to serve it.

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mandyslaughter January 28, 2011

I've made this cake four times now and even when I forgot to put in the one cup of milk last time it still came out perfect. Go figure! I've also adapted this with my own flare and made a chocolate mint cake and served it with a mint cream cheese icing and it was wonderful. If you do make a mint chocolate cake you should add one teaspoon vanilla and one of pure peppermint extract. :)

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majesticpriestess November 28, 2011

OH DEAR, this cake was, I dont know how to say it was. Excelent, superb, wonderfull, scrumptious????????????? I dont know, it was gone as fast as I couls serve it. I loved it and will be making it again, infact for my daughters 3rd birthday. I dont bake so I tend to buy a cake, or have one made from the baker, costing me ALOT of money. This came out wonderfully. I used it with 89207 I think is the number, for the frosting. Wonderfull, will make it again and again.
Thankyou, next time I will try the dutch cocoa

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Curvycook September 09, 2010
Dark Chocolate Cake