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This is a wonderful filling!!! The prunes and sugar reduce down to a very sticky, caramel-like consistency. It is very very gooey and sticky but it is water- soluble so it's just a matter of soaking your bowl a little bit after mixing. The flavor is delicious, a very sweet rum-raisin type flavor and very rich. I used this filling for Layer Cake recipe by DrGaellon. I thought this filling was so good after it had cooled to room temperature, the flavors just got better!! I will definitely make this again, I am thinking it would be great in thumbprint cookies!!! I love Julia Child so I will cherish this recipe, thanks so much for posting!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chef*Lee February 09, 2009

I made prune filling yesterday for Pulaski's Favorite Pontshki ( POLISH DOUGHNUTS ) Pulaski's Favorite Pontshki ( Polish Doughnuts) by Poker. I will admit, I had my doubts about it, but the recipe said to fill with prune jam. I used all ingredients in the amounts listed, but didn't puree the filling. I still wasn't sure if I liked it after it had cooled, but used it to fill the doughnuts, anyway, and have to say that in these doughnuts, this filling is just delicious. Thank you very much for posting this recipe. I'll try it again in other sweet breads.

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mianbao May 08, 2005
Danish - Prune Filling