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I doubled the recipe and it was really exact. I changed the dough slightly by adding a bit of cinnamon and vanilla bean seeds. They weren't quite as big as I expected and took a while to rise. Next time I'll probably make them larger. But it was a great recipe and everyone loved them.

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Paulina Y. April 09, 2015

Started at 8:30 AM, pastries came out of the oven at 5:15 PM same day. Very delicious. Made the 32 rolls as called for, put raisins as an 'extra" in half of them. Dough was not as sticky as I thought it would be (based on recipe) so it was easy to handle. I rolled it all out at once rather than cut it in half. Easy to make and they turned out great. I have 20 yrs of commercial baking experience, so for me it was not a difficult recipe to do. I've done plenty of danish and mille feuille back in the day. I've been searching for a danish recipe to try out for a while and stumbled across this one. - Jim Barry, Nova Scotia

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woodchuckcanuck August 04, 2011

These rolls are just incredible. I was a bit intimidated by all of the steps but thought I'd try it. After going through the recipe, it really isn't a difficult recipe to make and the dough turned out beautifully. I split it in half and made cinnamon rolls with half of it and regular danish with the other half. This dough puffs up beautifully and is so flaky and light, yet so flavorful. It took eating cinnamon rolls to a whole new level. :-) The only thing I will note is that I did bake the cinnamon rolls one day and then left the other half of the dough in the refrigerator overnight. When I went to use it the next day, the dough had risen in the refrigerator and blew through the plastic wrap, so parts of it had dried out. (Which I just cut off.) But that is something to keep in mind if you're making this ahead of time. Thank you so much for sharing this, it really is incredible.

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cortneytreat October 13, 2009
Danish Pastry Cinnamon Rolls