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We all (3 adults) LOVED this. Like others, I grated the onion. For breadcrumbs, I used Panko, and I used about 2 tbs. fresh dill. Just delicious & recipe truly does make enough for eight. Served this over wide noodles with a side of broccoli (but asparagus would have been even better!) Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Yum!

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Princess Pea July 08, 2010

Great venison recipe! Even our very picky 3yo scarfed it down.

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meodes January 24, 2009

Wonderful! Ok honestly at first, I didn't think this sounded good at all. But I read all the good reviews and I had some Vension I needed to use, so I made this. And I LOVED it!! Hubby loved it too! Chopped it up well for my 13 month old and he ate every bit of it too! I use all venison because we don't eat pork and venison is all i had on hand. I cut the meat mixture in half (and had enough meatballs! about 24), but used the whole sauce recipe and it was perfect! I grated the onions like suggested by another review. I used wondra instead of the flour because i am bad at making sauces and Wondra always turns out perfect! Also I served this over mashed potatoes! YUM! What a treat :) Thanks for this creative recipe. It is also very easy to put together!!

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dr_kaley August 05, 2008

Admittedly, I only loosely followed this recipe, but my variation (from blending several recipes and from using what I had on hand) made for a delicious dish. I used ground turkey and ground turkey sausage, as that's what I had (and what we prefer). Also, I used seasoned Stove Top Stuffing bread crumbs, and omitted the onion. I browned them in butter in a skillet, as I didn't have time to bake them. I removed them from the skillet (kept them warm in the oven), added a couple tablespoons of butter and made the sauce using the browned bits left from the meatballs. I used beef broth, instead of chicken. Other than those substitutions, I followed the recipe. The family loved the meal! We are of Danish ancestry and have decided to discover our roots through cooking some traditional meals. We're calling it Family History Dinner!

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Stephsfanny September 23, 2013

My kids are so picky. I'm sure you can imagine my pride, my joy when I found they both ate the entire dinner. My kids are ages two and five. My husband and I both had second helpings and were excited to eat leftovers I will be making this weekly until we've used up our Venison.

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natural1beauty May 31, 2013

For simplicity's sake, I went with 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb 80/20 ground beef. The meat mix requires a light touch, but its SO worth it. When you're making meatballs, let them plop out of your hand into the bread crumbs once you have something resembling a ball. Once the bottom has crumbs, put some on top before touching the meat, its much easier to shape after that.

I used white pepper instead of black but otherwise followed the recipe as specified and it turned out great. Use caution when making your sauce- add ingredients a bit at a time and be patient, especially with your flour and chicken broth. The thickness shouldn't be an issue if done right. :)

This makes a great, moist meatball base and I will be trying the meatball recipe with other meatball dishes to see how it holds up.

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Rätsel Feinschmecker October 19, 2011

This recipe deserved 10 stars... 5 for the meatballs and 5 for the sauce. Very good recipe. Thanks.

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Busy Mom 628 June 07, 2011

This was pretty good, but there is so much fat in it that I probably wouldn't make it again

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CareyLee April 06, 2011

Made this based on the previous reviews. Took it to our deer hunting camp where many were skeptical due to their associating "dill" with pickle flavor. That was one huge misconception and all said we should have it next year as well. Thanks for posting!

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KingJackQueen November 15, 2009

I'm giving the meatballs 4 stars and the sauce 2 stars. The meat was very moist and seasoned well. They also reheated well for lunch the next day. The sauce on the other hand didn't do much for my family. All I could taste was sour cream and I'm not sure I liked the addition of the allspice. I will however make my meatballs with cream and butter from now on. Very good. Thanks so much.

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Bekah49036 May 08, 2009
Danish Meatballs With Creamy Dill Sauce