Danish Layer Cake (Dansk Lagekage)

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Recipe by rmg619

My aunt is Danish and moved here when she was child. So when she married my uncle, they raised their kids with both American and Danish experiences. So part of the Danish side of this is having this INCREDIBLE Danish layer cake for their birthdays. So this really has become a tradition in my family and I finally found a recipe that I LOVE. I actually make the cake with 3 layers though the recipe says you can make up to 6 or 7. We always put the birthday person's favorite candy on top so you can choose whatever you'd like. I always pick either Kit Kats or Gummy Worms since those are my favorite. I also tend to put fresh berries and chocolate chips on top. It's absolutely delicious! Enjoy!! I got it from this site: http://www.plu.edu/--scancntr/nordic-culture/danish-layer.html

Top Review by katspajamas

I studied in Copenhagen for a year and fell in love with this simple yet elegant way of serving birthday cake. Some people make it with fruit, sliced, and placed in between the layers.The whipped cream is what makes this unique and simply elegant. I added vanilla to mine but the recipe calls for just the whipping cream. I tasted both prior to applying to the cake. Add the vanilla. They loved it!!! Having extra pudding on the side was yummy. I used a 5 oz. and not 3 oz. box of pudding, just by chance. If we'd had a full house to eat the whole cake, I'd go for 2 boxes next time, to have plenty of custard/ pudding for serving. alternatively, I think a lot of extra whipping cream for the serving or layers would be delicious (add some sugar, lightly, and a bit of vanilla). My finished assembled cake flavor was a tiny but dry and benefitted from that extra cream/ pudding.I had Danish birthday cake while abroad. The recipe above was just lovely. My mom was impressed that we were able to reproduce the recipe at home. Thank you so much for the recipe and the idea of making the "thin cakes". They are like pancakes that you make on wax paper -- genius! I was leary to put the wax paper on cookie sheets, but it worked well. I think they smoked a "tiny" bit.My advice for baking the layers is that you want to be careful to cook each adequately, and watch each one carefully. Think of the bubbles turning into solid holes--like when you make pancakes. a golden edge is helpful. Caution: I tried making miniatures with leftover cake and they became hard, like cookies (tasted like biscotti). Thus, try to use enough batter for each layer. I smoothed mine out with a pie server spade thingy. <br/><br/>Whipping cream: don't overdo it! And add 1 tsp. of vanilla, in my opinion, is very helpful. I frosted the sides 24 hours prior to serving and it turned out "ok" and stuck together well--but perhaps a last minute, well chilled presentation will be most stunning (or chill 15-30").<br/><br/>I assembled my layers: When I put the layers together, the cakes were of slightly different sizes (they are free pours). so, I had the assistance of two family members who were helping eyeball the "lined up ness" of them. I slathered on my strawberry jam + then pudding (whole milk was best). I held it all together with several bamboo skewers that I broke off. Wiped down the sides to clean up pudding. If you have one cake layer with a boo-boo--stick it in the middle! No one ever sees it ;). <br/><br/>I prepared the icing: But I did use probably a bit more butter, a bit more powdered sugar, and a bit more cream (already whipped) then called for. I used coconut extract b/c I didn't have vanilla (I used vanilla bean for the cake). I couldn't taste the coconut extract, but the icing produces a pretty, finished yellow natural look to the top. I preferred to put sliced strawberries on top, to give the hint of what was in the filling. <br/><br/>It sliced beautifully. The 24 hours in the fridge (maybe 48?) gave it an amazing holding ability. removed all of my bamboo skewers, I shaved one square of Baker's chocolate with a chopping knife, threw on sprinkles, and candles and voila!<br/><br/>keeping: I sliced it into individual slices and placed into two rectangle Ziploc plastic containers--which froze beautifully, for later consumption (15 seconds in microwave). Thanks for the recipe!!!!

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  1. Cut 5 or 6 pieces of wax paper and draw an 8" circle in each. Have available a large cookie sheet or jelly roll pan that will accommodate two wax paper sheets.
  2. In mixing bowl, cream softened butter with sugar and beat until fluffy. Blend in eggs and vanilla.
  3. Mix in flour and baking powder and beat until well blended. (Do not over beat.).
  4. Divide cake batter among the 5 or 6 wax paper sheets. Spread batter into shape of circle and place on cookie sheet.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees about 9 or 10 minutes until golden around edge and cake springs back when touched.
  6. Remove from cookie sheet and cool. Repeat for remaining batter.
  7. Take 1st round of pastry and place on cake platter.
  8. Spread some raspberry jam on top and then some vanilla pudding.
  9. Repeat same with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th layer.
  10. Place 6th layer of pastry on top and frost top layer with a layer of icing (omit one layer if making only 5 layer cake).
  11. Beat whipping cream until stiff and frost sides of cake with whipping cream.
  12. You can decorate the cake as to what the occasion calls for - Danish flags, candles for a birthday, cake sprinkles, etc.
  13. Cake can be assembled ahead of time (without the whipping cream) and refrigerated. The flavors blend and it tastes somewhat like trifle. Frost sides of cake with whipping cream just before serving.

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