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Well, I did it. I had a salmon fillet about ¾ lb, so I proportioned ingredients to that. I had already taken the skin off, so that may be a factor. It sat for 72hrs in refrigerator. It does cut well, to a point, and I took the last ½ inch and put in on the grill, after I had taken chicken for some Southwest grilled chicken off. Anyhow, this is good, not quite what I expected…more time maybe? More wine and cognac? I like the idea, but not as much as I like smoked lox, or grilled salmon.

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Vic1 February 04, 2003

The basic recipe is good. Try using two fillets. First one skinside down. Cover it with coarse salt and dill sprigs and cover that with the other fillet skinside up. Wrap it in cellophane and add a weight on top.Every twelve hours drain and flip the salmon for 72 hours. Keep the weight on. Just 5 to 6 pounds. Scrape the salt and dill off and slice thinly. Incredibly tasteful!

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kimmy #2 December 01, 2005
Danish Gravlaks (lox) Cured Salmon