Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 20 mins

By requested which is pretty cool as I just inherited my mother in laws pan this pass weekend! I'm excited! Guessing at prep and cooking time.

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  1. Heat aebleskiver pan until hot.
  2. Put small amount of melted fat in each cup and add 2 tablespoons batter.
  3. When batter starts to bubble and edges are browned, turn over with a fork and bake on other side.
  4. Serve while hot, with jelly and sugar.


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It'd been many years since I'd had these for breakfast (or any other meal, for that matter), but I finally dug out my aebleskiver pan & will be making these great little tasties more often now! I really like them with raspberry jam, but have also found a great, not terribly sweet, organic strawberry (preserve?) that goes well with them, too! The directions were a bit skimpy on preparing the batter, but I pretty much followed logic & (1)in one bowl, whisked together the dry ingredients, (2)whisked together the sour cream, egg yolks & milk in another bowl, (3)combined the two until just blended, & then (4)folded in the stiffly-beaten egg whites! Oh, yeah, & I used a darning needle to turn the little buggers over, as in Step 3! These really are a great treat for kids of all ages ~ Many thanks for renewing my interest in these gems! [Made & reviewed in the Family Picks part of ZWT6]

Sydney Mike June 22, 2010

Excellent recipe- brought me down memory lane! The directions were missing though. Here's what would help:
Equipment needed: Aebleskiver pan, 2 mixing bowls (med, large), a mixer or wire whisk.
1) In the large mixing bowl: put eggwhites, whisk them (or mix on high) until stiff peaks form-- set aside.
2) In the Med mixing bowl: combine eggs and sour cream. Add in dry ingredients, while alternating with milk (sweet milk? I added 1 teaspoon of sugar to ea. c. of milk) until batter is smooth.
3) At this point heat your pan-- I heat mine to 6 on my electric stove which is slightly above medium; I place a teaspoon of crisco shortening (or you can use oil) in each aebleskiver pocket in the pan.
4) Back to batter: FOLD the batter into the egg whites- this keeps the batter fluffy- and the aebleskivers fluffy and light.
5) Fill aebleskiver pocket appr. 2/3 full. You should see some gentle sizzling happening, and after minute or so air bubbles comining to the top (similar to cooking pancakes), at that point turn them. I use a fork to turn them- going from the inside out. Then I use a spook to scoop out and place into a plate of granulated sugar for a quick toss and then into cloth lined serving dish.
I believe traditional aebleskivers use powdered sugar, however, when my family came here from Denmark times were tough and granulated sugar was less expensive- so began a new tradition. My great-grandmother made these, as did my grandmother, and I do (it skipped my mother's generation), but I make them for my children and grandchildren, and my children make them too. It's a terrific tradition- and this recipe very much reminds me of the one my great grandmother made, but was lost when she passed away (she didn't write her recipes down). Thanks for sharing it!

ngiessinger_9230333 December 26, 2011

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