Dangerous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

These cookies are dangerously good with directions for every taste, be it thin and crispy, soft and chewy, or cakey-like. I never can make enough of these; they certainly don't make it until the next day unless I hide them.

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  1. Cream together sugars and butter.
  2. Add eggs, vanilla and mix well.
  3. Add dry ingredients to the butter mixture except the chips and mix until well combined.
  4. Add chocolate chips and mix just until incorporated.
  5. Bake at 350 for approximately 10 minutes (ovens vary). Cookies should be browned around the edges but not set in the center. Let cool and when hardened remove from pan.
  6. If you desire a thinner cookie use less flour, if you prefer a denser cookie simply increase the flour by 1/4 cup.


Most Helpful

absolutely the worst recipe for chocolate chip cookies I've ever tried! I should have listened to my little voice which questioned the amount of vanilla in this recipe. It gave them a really wierd taste. (I use real vanilla, not artificial) The recipe as is, is supposed to produce a crisp/chewy cookie. They were very cake like, too sweet, even though I put in only 1 cup of chips. The ratio of flour and sugar to the butter is way off. They are now in the trash...

mothermills5 September 21, 2008

Good chocolate chip cookie. The only change I did was to halve the amount of chocolate chips. It indeed seemed a bit too much. This yealded me 56 cookies and they baked in 15 minutes (indeed, ovens vary). The dough was "too wet" to roll the cookies by hand, used teaspoons and each cookie was about three teaspoons "big". Took them to work and let my colleagues "judge". Their comments (and I totally agree) Crispy but not too hard, chewy on the inside, not overwhelmingly sweet (which is a plus). Definitely a four star cookie to make again. (a little note to myself, 1 cup butter equals about 150 grams). Thanks for posting. made for PAC, Autumn 2008.

Chef Dudo September 19, 2008

i found that it was a LOT of chocolate chips and my cookies were mostly chocolate but they were good. Next time i would just put a little less chocolate chips.

818335 April 15, 2008

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