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I started with what seemed like WAY too many greens, but in the end it cooked down and became 'just right.' I think one key to this recipe is the sausage... make sure you use a sausage you like. The one I picked up at the store was questionable, and really cast an odd flavor over the whole dish. The rest of my family didn't like it much, for which I mostly blame the meat. Also, I went on the low side with the sauce, using only about 3 cups originally, and the dish came out really dry. Part of the dryness was my noodles... I used whole wheat egg noodles and cooked them al dente; I think they still had some moisture to absorb. We ate the 2nd half as leftovers, and I added an entire 3c. can of pizza sauce to the leftovers. Then the liquid level came out about right. To recap: Lots of dandelion, be sure you like your sausage, don't undercook your noodles, and err towards the high side with the tomato sauce. Overall quite good, and I will probably experiment with this some more. One thing I liked was that, as it was baking, it evinced a wonderful buttery aroma. I think that must have been from the dandelion, as I haven't experienced it from any of the other ingredients in the past.

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Rodney B. September 27, 2010

This was my first experience with dandelion greens. They have somewhat more of a sharp taste than spinach which I found to be a bit bitter. It's not going to be my favorite green, but I did like it pretty well and the mixture of other flavors in the casserole--the meats, pasta, sauce and pepepr flakes--framed it to good effect. I do recommend it and I think for me personally the dish might be even better with spinach. But I may well make it again with dandelions, too.

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echo echo February 26, 2005
Dandelion Casserole