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Very good version of Dan Dan Noodles ... and as you might imagine, by looking at Recipezaar, every region and every restaurant has created its own version. This one is especially nice because the amount of cooking is minimal (only the noodles, unless you have to make the chili oil at the same time), and the taste is very close to what I had in Chengdu. Also, if you have some people who are timid regarding spices while others are adventuresome, the process here let's you alter the spicing for each diner, while other recipes, making the sauce for the table, don't give you this flexibility. Not my favorite recipe (see Fuschia Dunlop's recipe in her book of Sichuan cuisine), but definitely one that I make regularly and enjoy greatly. Well worth having in your repertoire. Thanks for posting, Daydream!

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Gandalf The White May 05, 2009
Dan Dan Mein (Spicy Szechuan Noodles)