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My son-in-law asked that I prepare plum pudding for Christmas this year, since I've never made it before I searched here for a recipe that looked promising and voila I found a home run in this one. While this may not be what he had in mind, at least according to traditional old time plum pudding, he told me that this was the highlight of the meal - which was an excellent prime rib with all the trimmings my daughter prepared. Thank you Molly53 for posting this and, trust me when I say, I'll be making this again and again as everyone in the family loved it - even my DH who doesn't much care for sweets of any kind.

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Gagoo December 26, 2013

I had to use fructose instead of sugar, and make it dairy and wheat free, but even so this was SOOOOO good! What an awesome winter comfort food! Unfortunately the kids loved it too, which meant that there wasn't much left for seconds :P Thanks for this recipe!

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Cas July 13, 2008
Damson Plum Pudding