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The meat is soooo tender, and the sauce so flavorful. My whole family enjoyed this, and despite the hard work I will be making this again!

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ZbGb2000 December 24, 2010

What a hearty and delicious roast -- it reminded me of Julia Child's beef burgundy (one of my all-time favorites) without the myriad steps. The flavors are somewhat different due to the fruit, but the wine is prominent. This recipe requires a sizeable commitment to time, but the actual work is minimal. It would help a lot if the onions and rosemary were moved to after the red wine ingredient, and the garlic cloves after them, as I had to double-check that I was including all ingredients at the right time. I used a venison roast, which came out perfectly. I cooked the pot roast the night before, and put the amount we planned to eat in a Corning casserole dish to reheat 30 minutes at 250 F; that gentle heating brought the temperature up without overcooking the meat. I served over extra wide egg noodles. It appears that Prosek dessert wine is no longer available; my internet search convinced me to use a Marsala Ambra, so I used the sweet red version. Note that we detected no gaminess in our venison, so this dish was a winner for us. I was happy that the dish did not taste overly fruity; the dried plums dissolved into the sauce. Thank you for sharing! Made for Spring 2013 Pick-A-Chef.

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KateL April 10, 2013
Dalmatian Pot Roast "pasticada"