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This is the only meal I've ever been able to satisfy my husband without meat! Don't let the funky measurements stop you from trying this fantastic dal. I used 2 c. lentils, 900ml (1 carton) chicken broth, used about 1/5 tsp. per gram of spices, a whole bunch of spinach (it cooks way down), and about 1 tsp each olive oil and butter in place of the ghee. I loved the idea of adding yogurt but when it came to game time I got chicken and only added 1/2 cup- no need to be scared though, it was fantastic! Served with homemade chapati and there were hardly any leftovers!

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CurbeyGerl December 29, 2011

This was really good last night for dinner. Followed all the directions as posted. Flavorful and creamy, this went well with roti. Thanks for posting!

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Dr. Jenny April 12, 2014

I found this when hunting for a recipe to use up some channa dal. I didn't measure ingredients (not what I do!) and it came out very tasty. Not having cooked with channa dal before, I was surprised to find that they keep their shape and texture when cooked, so if you want it to be creamy you will have to mash them a bit. Served with red rice and my favourite raita.

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SarahEmmm April 07, 2013

I didn't review this! I'm so sorry, I made it some time ago for friends, it was very much enjoyed and I would make it again happily! I used mostly channa dal, but didn't have quite enough, so made up the balance (about 100gr) with red lentils. I used 'fresh' frozen spinach, I tend to buy lots, clean it, chop it up and freeze it. I also guesstimated the small gram amounts, in the same fashion as Peggy, previous poster. I forgot the yoghurt ... sorry! but it was delicious, not too hot, those who prefer it spicy might want to up the spices. Thanks, BeckD!

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Karen Elizabeth November 28, 2008

Love, love, love this dal. The flavour is sensational. It's amazing any made it to the dinner table because I kept stealing it out of the saucepan as it cooked. Used red lentils and about 1/2 the amount of spinach (all I had on hand). The mix of measurements was a bit confusing. I doubt that many people have scales that weigh in single grams. I treated 1 gram as a scant 1/4 teaspoon, and followed suit for other amounts. Served and thoroughly enjoyed as part of a curry feast.

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Leggy Peggy November 14, 2008
Dal With Spinach and Yoghurt