Dairy Free Café Au Lait (Algeria)

Total Time
1 min
6 mins

Obviously not the real way but us dairy free can have it too and it does taste very good. Algeria is a former French colony, “Café au lait” and “caffè latte” are used as contrasting terms, to indicate whether the beverage is served in the “French” or the “Italian” way – the former being in a white porcelain cup or bowl, the latter in a kitchen glass and always made from an espresso machine, whereas “Café au lait” might be espresso or dark coffee based.

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  • 1 14 cups plain rice milk (not vanilla)
  • 2 teaspoons white sugar
  • 3 teaspoons instant coffee (I use Maxwell house, I have never tried Nescafe but hear it is the best in the instant department)


  1. Combine all and heat on medium until steaming. (Do not boil).
  2. Enjoy in a white porcelain cup or bowl to be authentic!