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sooo delicious! a friend is going to ethiopia for a year, so i wanted to make him something for his going-away party...i had to look up a recipe for berbere, but i'm so glad i did--i made the first batch with just cayenne pepper, but the second batch (with berbere) was amazing! thanks for posting this recipe!

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jensmith3 August 07, 2009

Great crunchy snack food with A LOT of heat!!! My homemade berbere is truely hot, so I had to drink a lot, too, but you know it is healthy to drink much (non-alcoholic that is ;) ). That is what my teenage neighbour said," It is good... but HOT!!!... but good AND hot, WOW!". :) - I made half the recipe in a skillet on the stove. Enough dough to fill the whole skillet, when I'll do it next time for the whole batch I'll try the oven method not to have double the cooking time. - Dough was easy to make, though I needed slightly more water to make it hold together. One small problem: I had to snip the dough with scissors directly into the skillet after my first try of putting them on a flour-dusted plate and from there in the skillet ended with a lot of large dough lumps in the pan that proved impossible to separate. No problem thereafter. Cooking time was 25 minutes with me, so it did not matter that some Dabo Kolo were a little earlier in the skillet than others.

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Inge 1505 October 20, 2005
Dabo Kolo