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Just made my second batch of these as the first batch lasted 20 minutes between mt 2 horses!! I did not add the peppermints as I saw some premade treats and they had a peppermint pushed down in the center so I tryed to replicate that look. I baked mine 25 minutes and as soon as they came out of the oven, I push a peppermint candy down in the middle of each one. They looked great. I tryed baking some with the peppermint on them but the candy melted. It didn't melt down the side but each candy looked like swiss cheese where the candy had bubbled. Horses ate those anyway, they just weren't pretty. Just made another batch and placed in a large ziplock top bag after they had cooled and left the bag open so they could breath but it wasn't enough because the candies were stickey the next day. I think these are best if left on the counter to dry for 24 hours...or maybe I could just follow directions and put the crushed candy in the mix. The mints on top are pretty, though. I think they just need to sit on the counter. I certainly wouldn't seal them up in a bag. My horses thank you for this great recipe!!

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CindyCRNA December 03, 2008

Absolutely the most popular snack at our horse show last Saturday! Every horse enjoyed them, all three of mine are crazy about them. Thank you so much for sharing!

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displaced Texan in Hot Southern States in US December 10, 2007

So far so good.....we made these yesterday, and they turned out perfectly! We didnt add the peppermint candies, since Eagle has never had them and we didnt want to put him off with New tastes! We have yet to introduce him to his treats tho...I'll let you know tomorrow!

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Karen Elizabeth March 19, 2007
D-Ring Delights (Horse Treats)