D I Y Rice Milk

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Total Time
2hrs 20mins
2 hrs
20 mins

Make yer own rice milk! This is a homemade solution to Rice Dream and similar products. Easy, nutritious and absolutely no preservatives or other "unknowns".

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  1. Cook rice, vanilla bean or extract and water until very soft.
  2. Let cool, remove vanilla bean (if using) and put mixture into blender or food processor.
  3. Blend until very smooth.
  4. Let stand for at least 45 minutes, then strain through cheese cloth.
  5. Voila! Rice milk!
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Sweet and simple, just what I'm looking for as a substitute for unhealthy white powders (non-diary creamer)

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This was perfect for me, Thanks! I made this last night, used 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and added 1 Tablespoon agave nectar for sweetness. I made a Chocolate-Maca smoothie today for lunch substituting the rice milk for my usual 2% cows milk and it was excellent! (not to mention almost no fat). I think this would make an awesome base for Horchata as well. As some other reviewers had mentioned, it is thick. If you are going to use this for conventional milk purposes, cereal etc, you may have to water down a little.

This didn't work for me. The consistency was very thick. It is easy to water it down but I just didn't care for the taste, it was slightly bitter. If I tried this again, I would reduce the amount of rice I used and also add sweetener like another reviewer mentioned...