Total Time
24hrs 15mins
Prep 24 hrs
Cook 15 mins

Taken from Favourite Recipes From Old Prince Edward Island Kitchens; the amount of vanilla in the recipe was not specified so I'm guessing one teaspoon.


  1. Add milk, sugar and vanilla to beaten eggs.
  2. Cook the mixture in a double boiler until the custard thickens.
  3. Let custard cool, then pour it into an ice cream freezer and freeze it.
Most Helpful

This does make a nice dessert. It hardened very hard, though, and tended to be crunchy. I couldn't seem to be able to soften it to a creamy texture. It just melted. That said, it tastes very good, and I'm sure is a lot better for the health than the great majority of frozen desserts. Other than adding the vanilla after the mixture had cooled, and straining everything before chilling, I followed the recipe exactly. Thank you for posting it.

mianbao July 12, 2004

Delicious and healthy ice cream! I made this for my ds when he had his wisdom teeth out as something wholesome for him to have. It was a treat for him and also for everyone else. The only change I made was using a split vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract. Delicious! Thanks for sharing this keeper! We will be having this a lot this summer!

ellie_ May 11, 2004

I didn't particularly care for this. It tasted very eggy. I used Egg Beaters and skim milk, it might come out better if you use whole milk and real eggs. However, I would highly recommend trying Best Ever Low Fat Custard Ice Cream, Best Ever Lowfat Custard Ice Cream.

Kibby1 January 26, 2003