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I won't be rating this since I don't want to spoil any future reviews. I used granny smith apples since that's what the local shop had and for the pie shell, I made Chef Potts' Shortcrust Pastry. Other than the apples, I followed the recipe as is but I had a problem in step 5. After 20 mins of baking, I peeked through the oven door and noticed the custard had formed a thick crust on top and had started to brown a bit too much. I then lowered the oven temp to 180C and took out the pie. With the crust formed on top, it was impossible to sprinkle the streusel topping, so I scraped off the top layer with a knife and then doubled the topping mixture and spread on top. I baked it for another 30 minutes till the streusel topping turned golden brown. I could have probably reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup instead of the full 1 cup, because I found it a bit too sweet but that didn't stop me from having another slice, the pie turned out delicious! Thank you, Moriah, for sharing!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum July 06, 2008

My pies didn't turn out looking like the picture, but the pie I brought to the office received rave reviews from those who tasted a slice. The cooking time took longer than stated (the "more" definitely came into play.) I found that having the foil placed over the pie and baking it an extra 30 minutes with the topping helped solidify the pie filling; this is fine since the second pie I baked today is for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal so I don't have any qualms of placing it in the oven and baking it again (knowing it will not be over-baked.) I definitely want to try this with peaches sometime.

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WendyfromCali November 24, 2010
Custard Apple Pie