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This review and rating are for the second listed, Japanese curry powder. I made it to use in Ellie's Seafood Curry. I quartered the recipe since I don't like keeping spice mixes in my kitchen, and got almost 3 tablespoons curry powder. I did greatly increase chili pepper, which I think is a personal issue. I also think I will increase the turmeric slightly when I make it again. Thank you, Sandi, for posting this recipe.

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mianbao July 27, 2011

Wonderful! I made the Japanese curry powder, and it tastes almost just like the bottled stuff, which I can't find at the store anymore. I couldn't find any fenugeek either, so I didn't add it. I also used ground spices so I didn't toast them. Great recipe, I'm so glad I gave it a try. I thought I'd add that I served some curry made with this to a Japanese friend. He asked for the recipe, and has shared it with three Japanese friends. It must be authentic :-)

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Random Rachel June 22, 2009
Curry Powder Trio (Take Yer Pick!)