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I expected a lot of heat when preparing this dish (I used de Arbol chiles for the dried, and Thai chiles for the fresh) yet due to the quantity of food it was not as hot as I imagined. It was still a hot dish, mouth-tingling, but not something that I found to be a challenge to eat. I was going to make this with just chicken, but then I decided to go ahead and use the ribs and sausage and was glad I did, although the dish could easily be made without them. The dish seems very forgiving if you want to vary the ingredient amounts slightly (meats/veggies). I did have to cook this a bit longer than the stated time because my potatoes weren't getting done. The instructions didn't say what size chunks to cut them into, but I recommend on the smaller side if you want to stick to the posted times. However, cooking longer, although compromising the texture of the tomato, didn't affect the quality of the flavor of the dish, which was excellent. This is a dish I would make again, perhaps even with more chiles, or perhaps using habaneros as an alternative to ramping up the heat. Thanks for the recipe!

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Sue Lau May 25, 2003
Curry Devil