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This was not bad, but not a favorite for me or my BF. The only change I made initially was to substitute quinoa for the couscous for a little extra nutrition. Once the dish was made, we thought it was just too bland. I added lemon juice for more bite and dried cranberries for a little sweetness. I may not use this exact recipe again, but will definitely use the feta/chickpea/toasted almond combo in the future.

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ATouchofZing February 22, 2010

I really enjoyed this salad. I made some slight changes, left out the almonds and ginger, and added some lemon juice to finish. I really liked the addition of the feta! Also preferred it warm over cold. Thank you!

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yamakarasu September 29, 2012

This is my new favorite dish! As a student I need lunches that can travel around with me and aren't expensive to make, and this dish fits the bill as well as being absolutely delicious!! I cut up way too much broccoli and had to use much more water than was called for and had my doubts about the whole thing until I tasted the result...Crunchy toasted almonds, fresh ginger, green onions, chunky feta, and the veggies and quinoa (which I used in place of cous cous), mmmmmmm! Make this dish! It's filling and amazing!

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Celantiis August 23, 2009

Delish!! I just made it and stuck it in the fridge. i tweaked it only a little. in addition to the curry powder i added 2 tbsp of chat masala to the mix. i thought too, for my daughter, i might boil some eggs and add that on top when i serve it. the feta and green onion are heaven. this recipe would not be complete without it...although without the feta this is a wonderful vegan dish. thanks!! this is a fun, colorful, EASY dish. my only suggestion is to do this with fresh chickpeas...

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Zaccaria May 18, 2007

Really great couscous, what wonderful flavours! I must confess to messing with the basic recipe a bit though - for the two of us I used 3/4 cup couscous and water and only 2 tablespoons olive oil. I threw the chickpeas and spring onions into the mix when I added the water and served this warm with the feta and almonds tossed through. I'm really looking forwards to leftovers for lunch, thanks for another great recipe kittencal!

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currybunny November 17, 2005
Curry Couscous and Broccoli Feta Salad With Garbanzo Beans