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This is quite a delightful dish, with lots of sauce. I went half on the chicken on mine and substituted some vegetables in its place and that was nice. The beef bouillion was interesting, I hadn't seen that before, but you know, it worked! The wine was not overpowering in its amount since it reduced. The curry powder I think you could be variable on in amount; I think 3 tbsp. is probably moderate, but one could go heavier easier, or lighter if they wished. I used a mild Madras type but my husband complained that I didn't used a hotter curry powder but he likes it hot. The peanut butter is not overpowering, and if you like a heavier taste of peanut butter, as in Indonesian dishes, you might like to increase that, but even so, it was fine as it was. The thickener was dead on. The coconut milk lends a richness to the dish, of course; be sure not to use the sweetened type. I am interested to try this with shrimp sometime; also with other vegetables, as they go nicely. Great dish, great eats, nothing left but the smell in the kitchen. Thanks, Canarygirl!

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Sue Lau September 20, 2002

My boyfriend made this for me to show me how easy a good curry can be to make and was he ever right! This came together so easily and we both loved the taste. Despite the amount of liquid, it all boiled down to a thick and spicy sauce. We added a few slices of red pepper, some mushrooms and a fresh hot chilli to bulk it out a bit. Thanks for a keeper!

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Sackville December 14, 2002

Super delicious. My company loved the dish. I found that it was thick enough without having to use the cornstarch mixture. Also, I sprinkled some shredded coconut on top when serving. Not at all difficult to make. Highly recommended; I'll certainly do it again.

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tgobbi December 28, 2002

An excellent dish, extremely delicious yet so easy to make. The peanut butter and coconut milk really did the trick. The sauce was perfect without the need to be thicken with the cornstarch. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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Peter Pan February 09, 2003

Delicious! Very easy to make. I added 1 cubed medium potato, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, and served with white rice.

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Princess J April 16, 2003

Oh man! This was JUST like my favorite curry at my favorite Indian restaurant. I'm a curry NUT and this one did the trick. My husband loved it just as much, and we followed the recipe to a T - there are really no changes necessary. The flavors blend so beautifully together, and you have LOTS of delicious, slightly thickened sauce to smear all over rice. :) It's a beautiful thing. Thanks Canarygirl!!

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KitchenCraftsnMore May 22, 2003

We cook alot of curries, and I'm so thankful that you prodded your boss. Sooooo delicious, I was licking my plate! We did modify your recipe a bit, and like previous reviews I would definitely reduce the amount of water. We were very fortunate to have on hand some curry powder that my brother-in-law recently brought back on his business trip to India. I think the success of the recipe relies on it & the coconut milk. Next time, we're going to try cubed chicken thighs. Thank you for posting this recipe, it's a definite winner & now apart of my "favs" cookbook!!

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Sous Chef Bentley February 25, 2008

I made this recipe as stated and it received rave reviews! I wasn't sure what "a glass" of white wine would measure so I used one of the small bottles (6oz) and it was perfect. We decided next time to try adding 1/2 t. of allspice, 1/2 t. mace and cayenne pepper to taste just to give it a little more "punch". I served it with the Coconut Basmati Rice #54607 and what a GREAT combination. This has been entered into our "Family Favorties" Book! Thanks!

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TexasDK February 29, 2004

We loved it, and my 2 year old also gobbled it down and asked for seconds and thirds. I didn't have white wine so substituted chicken broth; and it seemed quite soupy so only added one cup of water instead of two. I also added red pepper and mushrooms. I made this with the coconut basmati rice also and it was fantastic.

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Chichi244 July 13, 2010

fantastic! we totally loved this!! although, i did make a few changes: i only used 1 lbs of chicken, i added red bell pepper strips and minced serrano peppers, i used more curry powder and red curry paste, and i omitted the water and just used the white wine and coconut milk. i finished the dish off with sliced green onions and chopped peanuts. it was a perfect dish!! my husband couldn't stop raving about it while wolfing it down! thanks for the keeper canarygirl!!

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KPD January 07, 2009
Curry Chicken with Coconut and Peanuts