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I added cumin to bring out the curry flavor. Cooking them in oil until fragrant really adds flavor. I used a little more curry than it called for. Just lik CHRISSYG I do not care for Miracle Whip, so I substituted plain yogurt and with her suggestion, reduced the quantity of sour cream and yogurt. I also took her advise to greatly reduce the sugar, I used about 1-1.5 tbs. I really think the lime adds a bunch to the flavor. No grapes or almonds...didn't have them. I do like coconut on top!!! I served it next to fresh mango with pomegranate on top. I could easily have put the mango in the salad itself.

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Ambervim June 30, 2011

I LOVE Curry... and this recipe has so much potential. I tried to like it I really did! I made it as is, with only one substitution...I used real mayo instead of miracle whip. (just can't do the whip) and it was still entirely too sweet. If I were to make this again, I would again use real mayo, reduce the sugar to just a sprinkle, and jack up the 'tang' that you get from the Miracle whip with a few drops of cider or white wine vinegar. BTW this is also too much 'dressing' for my liking for just two cups of cubed chicken.

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CHRISSYG September 26, 2005
Curry Chicken Salad