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I think this recipe has a lot of potential, but it did not seem to work as intended. First, the turkey legs around here are big - at least 1.5 lbs. each. Two of them were all I could really fit into a Dutch oven. I used the entire amount of the remaining ingredients, but the liquid in the pan was so low that I did not feel it would cook properly, so I added a fair amount of broth. That most likely is the reason that the curry taste was so mild - really too mild. I love lamb curry, and I think overall that this can work as an excellent substitute. What I am going to look for is turkey thighs, which would have the same meaty quality as drumsticks, but none of the pesky tendons, and then fiddle with the ingredients. UPDATE: I finally found turkey thighs. My two thighs weighed 2.8 lbs. I used all of the rest of the ingredients, and I think I would increase the amount of curry next time. This was quite tasty, perhaps not quite like lamb curry, but tasty in its own right. The thighs were a lot easier to deal with than were the drumsticks. Oh, I used a 14 oz can of diced tomatoes, as it's not tomato season just now. CROCKPOT UPDATE: I had one thigh weighing 2.3lbs. I used three garlic cloves, 3 tbl curry and all the other ingredients (except flour) as indicated. I sauteed the onion and garlic, then added the curry and ginger to bring out their fragrance and flavor. This cooked in 4 hours on low in my 5 qt crockpot - did not quite fill half and I anticipated a quick finish. I removed the turkey, then whirred all of the sauce with my immersion blender, which made a lovely sauce. Definitely my best preparation of this dish.

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duonyte June 25, 2012

Pretty good recipe ! I didn't have curry so I used 3 tbsp of red curry paste. Didn't have tomatoes either, so I used 1 can of diced tomatoes. Thank you so much for the recipe, my husband who doesn't like turkey loved it !

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Little cook in training January 29, 2010

Exceptional, easy comfort meal and a good twist on turkey during the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing! I would make this again, hands-down. Brava!

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LisaMia November 18, 2008

This was awesome. DH has been telling me all weekend how rich and perfect your turkey recipe turned-out. He doesn't like tomatoes, either! He didn't mind them here. It didn't taste like lamb, but I altered the recipe. I added sweet potato and peas... and didn't need the flour. I am making it again this week, but with lamb since it was on sale. THANKS FOR POSTING! UPDATE: I have made this recipe with both lamb and chicken. I really prefer the turkey. Chicken is too weak, and the lamb flavor is too over-powering. The turkey is the perfect meat to go with it... it comes out just right that way! Well, I'm off to the store to buy more turkey so I can make this AGAIN! Mmm.

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Heather V. October 20, 2008

I made this exactly according to the directions, except I did not add flour at the end (allergies). My husband pronounced it "Brilliant!" We all were very pleased with the result. I will make it again for company.

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twinflower1958 September 26, 2007

I followed the recipe pretty closely, used 3 large tomatoes and 2 large onions for the veggies. Also cooked for about 2- 2 1/2 hours, leaving the lid off the last 1/2 to 3/4 hours so the fluid will evaporate some. Did not thicken with flour, only used origional pam spray to brown the legs and veggies. Mixed all the veggies and seasonings together in the pan before adding skinned turkey legs. As the meat cooked off the bone, I removed the bones. I did not like the problem of the tendons in the dish, would probably be good with thighs. Served over brown rice and served corn and peas as side dishes. Hubby really liked so will make again. Did not have fresh ginger root, so used 1 teaspoon of ground ginger (old and not much flavor, need to buy some new ginger! LOL)

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connieseckart May 29, 2007

The whole family of picky eaters loved this.

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nosher June 26, 2005
Curried Turkey Legs