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I loved this salad! I truly wasn't sure what to expect - especially with the chutney in the dressing, but I loved every bite of it. The mango chutney and the curry added such great flavor while there were lots of textures that were great. Thanks breezermom for a nice keeper. Made for ZWT8 - India.

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lazyme August 14, 2012

Other than halving the recipe made this as posted, except cut down a little bit on the raisins. The dfressing was exceptionally flavorful, and made for a nice compliment with dinner . Made for a nice twist on a salad, that was served with a Spinach Pie that made for a nice complete meal. Made for 1-2-3 hits.

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weekend cooker March 09, 2012

Outstanding - I made it more intensely flavored by doubling all the dressing ingredients except the vinegar, oil and salt. Love the combo of ingredients and curry/chutney flavor, which I don't think I've had before in a salad. Direction #3 should probably be moved up to #1, since you don't need to assemble the salad until your dressing has stood for two hours.

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FLKeysJen February 17, 2011

Made twice due to my own errors. We loved this last week! Made using regular yellow (prepared) mustard, and forgot the peanuts and raisins. The substitution of the mustard was because I forgot to buy dried mustard and the missing nuts and raisins were I'm an air head and was eating when it dawned on me the nuts were missing. This week made as written not forgetting anything or making any substitutions and it was tasty but not as good. We decided the reason it was better the first time was because the yellow prepared mustard allowed the chutney to shine better then the powdered mustard did. Another big difference was last weeks spinach was younger and more tender then this weeks, thus having a milder flavor last week. All that said loved the chutney dressing made with prepared mustard and am planning on taking this salad to an up coming pot luck as it is very pretty and very tasty. Would tell anyone trying this please do not leave out the chutney as it adds a wonderful new dimension to both the dressing and salad. Thanks so much for the post.

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Debbwl April 17, 2010

Very good and different spinach salad which we enjoyed! I halved the recipe and made a few changes by using sunflower seeds instead of peanuts and skipped the chutney. Very good with pork chops!Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ March 31, 2010
Curried Spinach Salad