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Made and enjoyed this last night, quickly prepared and served with rice that I rescued from the freezer and 'stir-fried' in sesame oil, with added a little extra coriander and fish sauce. The sauce was a little thin so I added some cornflour to thicken, and I also added a green pepper, sliced, to the shrimps, for some colour and crunch. A good meal for a quick mid-week supper, I will make this again, thanks, Mary :D

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Karen Elizabeth May 22, 2008

This was very good. I made a half recipe for 2 of us using Icelandic baby shrimp + broth made from a seafood boullion cube we get here that works very well for soups, etc. I added snow peas & mushrooms as I favor the combo w/shrimp, knew they would add a textural variant & I wanted to introduce a veggie component for a 1-dish meal. Served over rice, this was an easy fix w/a yummy outcome. Thx for sharing the recipe w/us.

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twissis June 20, 2007

This was very yummy. My first curry dish, that I can remember making. I served it over angelhair pasta. The only complaint was that the sauce was rather runny, but this being my first curry dish, I'm not sure that it wasn't supposed to be that way. Regardless the flavor is great and DH and DD enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for the great recipe.

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MsSally May 16, 2007

Made this for the please review game and when taking it on I stated I would not be using the cilantro (coriander) other than that all other ingredients went in as stated but the shallots were cut into wedges (not minced). I used a hot Madras curry and 1 1/2 teaspoons was no were near enough (I thought it was maybe a typo and should be tablespoon but checking with Mary K. W. the original was teaspoon). We enjoyed this and will make again. My mum did comment though (when I gave her a taste of the sauce) she like as is but would rather have it with fish (she doesn't like curries or prawns). This is on our try again list with minor adjustment. Thank you Mary K. W.

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I'mPat March 24, 2007
Curried Shrimp With Cilantro