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I chose this recipe when I discovered that I had run of lentils for the dish I intended to make:(. I had all the ingredients on hand except green onions. I used a leek instead - two would have been even better, I think. My red peppers were the roasted kind in a jar. The only other change I made was to use olive oil instead of butter. We have excellent olive oil here in Greece, and I generally prefer it for cooking. I followed the technique to a t The result was excellent! Both my adult children came home, and enjoyed it with the remains of a rotisserie chicken. As the poster said in the note, this is a mildly spiced curry, which suited my husband perfectly. The recipe (using a whole medium cauliflower) made enough for leftovers for lunch, which I appreciate. I may add a little cumin & garam masala to mine. Next time I may use basmati or jasmine rice instead of plain white, although it worked out well as is. Excellent healthy recipe!

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BettyBoop330 November 20, 2013

5 star all the way. Wonderful flavor. Because I am cutting back on fats I cooked the recipe differently - I would love the butter flavor but omitted it completely. I cooked the rice,drained it well and then mixed in the curry, ginger & lemon zest. I steamed the cauliflower for 3 minutes, chopped all the other veggies. I did this early in the day. 20 minutes before dinner I sprayed the skillet with "No Oil" added the spiced rice heated on low for 5 minutes, added the cauliflower, heated for an additional 5 minutes and finally added the peppers, peas & green onion continued heating for another 5 minutes - The dish was so tasty I didn't miss the butter. Thanks Jo for a repeat recipe

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Bergy August 31, 2009
Curried Rice With Cauliflower and Peas