Curried Rice and Bean Salad

Total Time
2hrs 15mins
2 hrs 15 mins
0 mins

Healthy. Can you say that on TV?

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  1. Mix yogurt, and curry powder together in a small bowl; season to taste with salt and black pepper.
  2. Combine remaining ingredients in a salad bowl.
  3. Pour dressing over salad and toss to mix.
  4. Marinate salad, refrigerated, for 2 hours, before serving.
Most Helpful

4 5

This is really good. I love the textures of the brown rice and beans together. I would like to make this with red bell peppers too for the colour and sweetness. Great recipe, thanks!

3 5

This was okay for me, I loved the fact that it was healthy and it made a nice filling lunch but I couldn't say that I loved it hence the 3 stars. I love trying new things though so thanks for posting. Made for ZWT 4.

5 5

Delicious! I love that it uses nonfat yogurt to create the sauce rather than mayo or sour cream. What a delightful, healthy dish!