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Made this recipe using freshly made Garam Masala (176687). I wanted to can the chutney and give it away for Xmas presents, so I did change the cooking directions some what. Basically dumped everything into the pot and cooked for 30 minutes. I did use the hot water bath treatment. This recipe gave me 7 little half pint jars. Note: I found that using my canner, these jars got "lost" so I washed small decorative pebbles (the ones you get at a nursery), placed them in an old stock pot, filled the pot half way up the jars and processed for 10 minutes. They stayed in place and worked like a charm. The chutney tasted great from the pot...think how great it would be once it has mellowed a bit!!!

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Abby Girl August 17, 2007
Curried Papaya Chutney