Curried Chicken Soup

READY IN: 45mins
Recipe by PBF

This recipe comes from Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, WA. My husband, who used to hate curry, has become a convert. This soup base is smooth and delicious and the texture of the chicken, wild rice and celery crunch adds to the variety and it has been a hit at dinner parties. I've used the basic recipe as curry chicken over rice as well (reducing the amount of stock I use so it's enough for a sauce instead of a soup, and omitting the wild rice and adding a handful of currants). I also use this recipe as the curried chicken (not the soup) for potlucks with rave reviews. ** Addition: this recipe works great in the crock pot.

Top Tweak by Judikins

Thanks for posting, PBF! I made the soup this afternoon. For me it took considerably longer than 20 minutes prep time. I also went with what I had on hand, substituting fresh ginger for powdered ginger and dried red chilies for sambol; otherwise, I followed your ingredients, just adding a quarter diced green pepper and an additional 1/2 cup white long grain rice. I purchased a "Mediterranaen roasted chicken" and used it minus the skin, bones, etc. The combination of spices were excellent. The final result was on the SWEET side, but topping it with a slice of lime or two which helped. It's an unusually nice change in the soup category!

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  1. Begin cooking rice as instructed on the bag.
  2. In a large saucepan, combine chicken stock, bay leaf, cream of coconut and pineapple juice.
  3. Bring to a boil.
  4. Thicken the broth with a roux made of the butter and flour.
  5. To do this, in a separate pan, melt the butter with the flour until it bubbles and is foamy, then add to the broth and stir to thicken.
  6. Keep the broth on a low simmer to continue thickening while you prepare the chicken.
  7. Preheat a stock pot with 1/4 cup olive oil.
  8. Add black pepper and chicken to the stock pot, cook until 3/4 done.
  9. Add onion to the chicken and cook until transparent.
  10. Mix together spices and add them to the chicken mixture.
  11. Stir, saute lightly and finish with the heavy cream.
  12. To combine the ingredients, add the stock to the chicken mixture.
  13. Add the celery (still raw and crunchy) and the cooked wild rice.
  14. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  15. When serving, top with toasted coconut or other ingredients as you choose.
  16. OR - Make this in the crock pot. To make it in the crock pot, put all ingredients except butter, flour, heavy cream and celery (and garnishes) in the crock pot. Don't cook the rice or the chicken - just dice the chicken and put it inches I used frozen stock and frozen chicken. Doesn't matter. Cook on high for about 4 hours or low for longer - as long as the rice is cooked, it's done. Then add chopped celery. Make roux and add to thicken. Add cream or milk, and you're done. Garnish as usual.

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