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I wish I could give this six stars. It is by far one of the best recipes I've ever made. The flavors meld beautifully. In addition, it is ridiculously easy to make, especially if you use canned coconut milk (I use one can) and pumpkin. I recommend adding the red curry paste in increments of teaspoons; I find that it reaches an acceptable heat level for me around 2-3 teaspoons. If you want to make this vegetarian, I find that lentils and/or cauliflower make great additions in place of the chicken.

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debarra February 12, 2010

I used canned coconut milk (as RSC is over and I always have some around), another kind of pepper (as I can't get the stated variety here), and deboned chicken thighs (was on offer). I made my own pumpkin puree (can't buy it canned here) with a pumpkin that my father grew. The puree serves as a sauce thickener here and works beautifully with the coconut milk and the curry paste. I've had three mushrooms to use up, so I added them and they worked well with the other ingredients. When I tried the sauce I knew BF would love it and I served it to him the next day. I myself couldn't stop eating it and BF also loved it and had at least two helpings. Thank you so much for inventing this recipe. Now I've got another wonderful idea how to use my father's pumpkins and butternut squashes! This is a keeper!

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tigerduck May 03, 2006

This recipe was made to accompany the Coconut-Raisin Rice Pilaf Coconut-Raisin Rice Pilaf that you also created for the recent RSC. This is spicy but oh so delicious. I used jalapeno pepper for the banana pepper, canned coconut milk (as RSC is over), plain yogurt in place of the sour cream and some of my fresh frozen pumpkin puree. Definitely a winner.

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PaulaG March 27, 2006

Very good, liked the sauce and all the flavors together. Used less paste as I made the rice and it was really spicy.

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adopt a greyhound May 02, 2014

This is the first curry I ever made. After making it once with one friend, another friend and I made it together the first time we cooked together. The second time we tried it with the coconut raisin rice pilaf. Delicious. I'd forgotten about it until the other day when it passed back through my mind. Its quick, tasty and as some other reviewers have noted, easily adaptable with added carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, etc.

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tabitha.rosenbalm July 30, 2011

Simple to prepare with some rather complex and interesting flavor contrasts between the heat from the chili and curry paste and the sweetness of the coconut and pumpkin. I decided to prepare a lower fat version of this dish by reducing the oil used to prepare the onions and making this using a coconut milk substitute that I have used in my own chicken curry recipe. I was a little concerned about placing the uncooked chicken in the sauce as I feared the chicken would not cook or the sauce might break, both concerns proved to be unfounded. This will definitely be repeated. Thanks evelyn.

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justcallmetoni June 21, 2008

Had to use a bit less curry paste for us but this was a really nice dish. We enjoyed the sweet along with the kick from the curry. Served this brown rice and a fruit salad.

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lauralie41 March 09, 2006

It is not often that I can put a dish on the table that EVERYBODY likes. This is one of those few. Easy & delicious. I did add the oil to the food processor because it wasn't making the paste. It worked. DH liked the idea of the onion paste. :)

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Elmotoo March 08, 2006

My son gave this 5 stars, I gave it 3 so we averaged at 4. My son loved the spiciness and the complexity of the sauce. I thought the spiciness overshadowed the subtle flavors of the sauce. Perhaps just one hot pepper would be enough. I also think it would benefit from longer cooking to reduce the sauce. There are a couple of minor problems with the way the recipe is written. It doesn't say how to prepare the chicken, so I cubed it. It doesn't say when to add the salt so I added it with the chicken. Overall a good recipe.

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Elisa72 February 28, 2006
Curried Chicken in Coconut - Pumpkin Sauce