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O.M.G. <br/>DH made this for me as I was sick and all I wanted was fruit at the time.<br/>This was just the thing and was heaven.<br/>Thanks Cookgirl.

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Tisme February 23, 2014

We had a lot of fun doing a berry tasting. We tried all the variations, I sliced or halved the berries and and then sprinkle a slice with an individual topping and tried it first naked and then with cream added. I was suprised how much I liked the pepper and smoked salt.
At the end we tried a slice with everything that was quite good. My favorite combos were salt, pepper, cinnamon, and cinnamon, mint. I don't think this was quite how this was supposed to be eaten but we enjoyed the experience! Made for ZWT 8 by one of The Wild Bunch
whole mint leaves - 4 star
fresh basil (just a few thin strands!) - 3 star
cracked black pepper (very light sprinkle!) - 5 star
ground cinnamon (very light sprinkle!) 4 star
ground cardamom (very light sprinkle!) 3 star - but my cardamom is old it could go up :)
smoked salt (very light sprinkle!) 5 star - I used 7 Wood Smoked salt I purchased at Sugarpill in Seattle - it smells like a campfire in a can!

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momaphet August 24, 2012
Curly Locks' Special: Strawberries, Sugar and Cream for 1