Cured Pork

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Recipe by CharlotteWhitten

Here is a Sugar Cure for Pork Shoulders and Hams. My husband has been home curing meat for the past 30 years. I got it from him. You can put it through hickory smoke if you prefer, for about a week, using cool smoke, not hot.

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  1. Mix all ingredients together on a smooth surface.
  2. Rub meat every morning and every night for 3 days, making sure you rub in good around the bones.
  3. After first rub, place meat skin- side up.
  4. Turn after each rub.
  5. On the 4th day, place a strong wire or hook through the shank of hams and shoulders, (and at corners of middlings, if you're doing them).
  6. Hang from rafters of your smoke house, placing pan underneath to catch the drips.
  7. As it takes the cure, the meat will drip almost continuously.
  8. If the meat becomes moldy after hanging for several weeks, not to worry.
  9. It's not spoiled, just aging.
  10. Just wash meat well when ready to use.
  11. This mix should take care of a 350# to 375# hog.
  12. My husband and I start our hams, shoulders, middlings, ham hocks and jowls, (500 to 600) mid-October and are finished by mid-April.
  13. Have fun and happy eating!

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