Cultured Buttermilk

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Cindy Lynn

I prefer real buttermilk in recipes to the vinegar-lemon milk substitute. It was frustrating always running out of buttermilk just when I needed it most. I usually quadruple and make a gallon at a time. Once you've made your own, you can save some back to replenish your supply by making more. My husband loves an occasional cold glass of buttermilk on a hot summer day, with a little salt. Update: A couple of reviewers have reported this did not work for them. Because it is a 'culture based' recipe, it relies on the fresh buttermilk that provides the 'culture' to be fresh enough that the 'culture' is still alive. Once the culture has died, it can no longer feed to create more of itself.

Top Review by Laudee

This is just the niftiest buttermilk recipe! I mixed a gal. in a Pampered Chef "Pump" pitcher, and quick as a wink, it was done. Now I have a bunch to cook with. Used to use the powdered buttermilk mix, but this has that beat hands down! Thanks for posting this, Cindy Lynn. It's a dandy! Laudee C.

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  1. Mix up a quart of reconstituted powdered milk by combining dry powdered milk with water.
  2. Add fresh buttermilk.
  3. Evening: Allow it to stand on the kitchen counter overnight; in the morning it will be buttermilk.
  4. or Morning: Allow it to stand on the kitchen counter through afternoon; in the evening it will be buttermilk.
  5. Store in refridgerator up to two weeks.

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