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Great easy recipie! Especially on those hot summer days!!!!!

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Aaron Smith June 20, 2002

This is the best cucumber salad ever! I could eat it all by myself, but I usually have to fight others over it. I have made this as least 3 times before reviewing. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it doesn't keep, but will get watery if put away. But it's easy to eat this the same day it's made! Thanks for sharing this winner!

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JackieOhNo! January 18, 2012

I was looking for a way to use some extra cucumbers from the garden. This is great recipe when eaten right away! I had my cucumbers in the fridge as a result we were able to enjoy the recipe right away. I ate half of the batch and packed the rest in my lunch for tomorrow. I will have to see how it is after it sits. I also used red onions which made for a wonderful combo. Thanks for the recipe.

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Chef yummy yum yum! September 13, 2009

We liked this very much. I had on hand - Fresh Cukes from the garden, vidalia onion, Smart balance omega 3 mayo, Splenda, S&P. Mixed cukes with dressing right before serving. Delish. I'm contemplating trying this with lowfat cottage cheese instead of mayo. Thank You!

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veggienut August 17, 2009

Delicious! I love cucumbers and this is a great way to serve them! Quick and easy to make. Thanks!

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shylohbear16 July 21, 2009

We were very pleasantly surprised by this recipe. What a great way to serve cucumber! Refreshing and tasty. Thanks for the recipe. I will make this again for sure.

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constantlycooking! March 26, 2009

This salad was a big hit with my family!! I used English cucumbers and all I had was a red onion, so I used that. I will definitely be making this again. Thanks for posting!!

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LI-Ray February 09, 2008

This was mom's way of making cucumber salad...we had it at least 1x a week. Such an easy side dish. It was probably the first salad that we learned to make as kids. No real need to measure, you can eyeball it all. However, you have to think ahead. Slice the cucumbers and onion, sprinkle with salt. Let sit for at least an hour. Or, let sit covered all day in the fridge while you are at work. Drain with a bit of pressure to squeeze out all of the water. Then stir in the mayo until it looks creamy. We used generic "salad dressing" when I was growing up. Today I use low fat Hellman's, but I think it's great with any brand, including Miracle Whip. Salt and pepper to taste. (I don't think it needs much more salt, if any, but I would add pepper for sure.) My mom always sprinkled paprika on the top once it was in the serving bowl. I actually give it a dash of cayenne and sometimes I add onion powder right into the mayo. It will get watery again if you have left overs...so usually it's just a nice, fresh side dish and we never had left overs. No need for them! I always drank the liquid in the bottom of the serving bowl when I was on dish duty after dinner! Yum! (By the way, letting the onions sit all day with the cukes will also make your onions slightly wilted and gentler tasting. If you aren't waiting all day, one way to treat onions, if yours are too sharp, is to slice them thinly and cover them with tap water. You can add a bit of sugar to the water if you want. Your onions can sit separately in this water while your cukes are sitting in the salt. After the hour in the water, drain them and your onions will be perfect for any fresh use, and not be so strong. I do this when making fresh salsa, potato salad, hamburgers..anything that might need fresh sliced/chopped onions for. I really don't like having strong fresh onion in any fresh salad, so this is really helpful if you aren't using a "sweet onion" like a Vidalia. The dill is delicious in this, as is fresh mint, but we usually didn't have them on hand.

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moramor February 09, 2008

I great way to use surplus garden cucumbers!

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AmyRed July 26, 2007

Perfect for a simple, quick dish that pleases all. I agree with the other comments that the dish will get watery. I have a family of healthy eaters, so, we had no leftovers what-so-ever! This salad will become a regular at our dinner table! Thx Southern Chef!

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Tamara43 March 23, 2007
Cucumber Salad