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I cut the recipe in half (using sugar free Jello) and after reading Taste Tester's review I mixed the (95% fat free) cream cheese into the hot jello before adding the cold water. As to the cuke, I peeled it, scraped out the seeds and grated it. Then I wrapped it well in paper towels and let them soak up a lot of their water until the jello mix started to thicken and then stirred it in. It was good with just the cuke but I really think that the addition of some crushed pineapple would help add a little something to the flavor profile and give it a little boost. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia July 23, 2010

I love lime and cucumber, so I was happy to find this recipe. I took the seeds out of the cucumbers and cut up the cream cheese into cubes as it said, but when the salad was cooled, there were pieces of cream cheese that hadn't melded into the dish. I guess if I made it again, I would put the cream cheese cubes into the jello mixture right after adding the cold water, making a swirl of the jello and the cream cheese. This would incorporate the taste of the cream cheese without having it in the salad in separate pieces. A good recipe, but with a little tweaking it would be better to our liking. We did like the cukes and the lime jello combination.

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TasteTester March 08, 2008

I make a similar salad, but I do it a little different. I use English cucumbers and take out some of the seeds with a spoon. Then I shred the cucumber skin and all--- and then lay it on dish towel in a colander. I let the cucumber drain until I am ready for teem. I use a large lime jeiio and about 11/2 cubs of hot water. I use 4-6 oz of softened cream cheese and mayo or miracle whip gives a little more tanginess. I then squeeze the liquid out of the cukes like you ring out spinach. I also add 1-2 tbls of horseradish and a little sour cream to get the texture right. I take all this and throw it in the blender. You could also use an immersion blender. When you leave the skin you'll notice the texture in a nice way. I throw it in a bundt pan and add peeled shrimp in the center when I serve it. Sometimes I make a thin layer of mayo and cream cheese after the salad firms up--refrigerate until firm and then make some tomato aspic and make a layer of that.

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jamie w. June 03, 2011
Cucumber Lime Jello Salad