Cucumber and Garlic Salad

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READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by veraj9170

This is a very simple salad that we enjoy with grilled meats especially in the summer. But whenever I make anytime of meat either in the oven or pan fried, I'm always requested to make this salad. It is refreshing and wonderful. Enjoy


  1. You can either peel the cucumber or not (I don't) slice them thin and set in a bowl and salt them. Cover with plastic wrap and place in your fridge. This can be done upto 1 hour prior to serving or early in the morning and left until dinner time. The cucumbers will release water due to the salt and make them soft. The amount of cucumbers also depends on the number of people to be served so eyeball it.
  2. While your cucumbers are in the fridge, peel and mince your garlic and set aside until you are ready to serve your salad.
  3. Now to put salad together:.
  4. Squeeze some of the excess water from your cucumber (you don't need to save the water). Place the squeezed cucumber in another bowl along with the minced garlic. To this add some vinegar. Mix and taste, if it is too vinegary add abit water. Serve! Simple but great.
  5. This recipe is a very rustic salad and great if you're on a budget. Just remember to not salt the cucumber in the beginning too much because it's easier to add salt in the last stage. Keep tasting and adjusting until you feel the taste is perfect for you.

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