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I made these for a wedding reception this weekend and everyone raved over them! At the suggestion of a previous reviewer, I did as they suggested and didn't add the entire envelope of Italian dressing mix, only adding to suit my taste. Like you, I did score my English cuke, and I cut the rye bread in rounds, and added the dill to the top of each cuke slice. They were gone in a flash, and they wanted more, so next time I'll double the recipe, which by the way, was super easy. Thanks for sharing this delish little gem! 8/2/10 - Back again to say that this little appetizer is still a favorite with family and friends, except now I have to triple the recipe every time I make it, lol. Thanks again!

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MarshHen August 03, 2010

Quick, easy, nice presentation and great taste! I made these for friends on a football/tv afternoon and everyone like them -I liked the easy recipe! One note, I mixed 2 dashes of Tabasco rather than 1 dash and really didn't notice the "spice" from it at all, so if you like things spicier you might want to add a bit more after some taste tests.

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DDW September 07, 2003

Very easy and quick appetizer, with a nice zesty taste. I used toasted garlic bread, each slice cut in four and topped the cuke slice with half an olive. One we will be using again, thanks for posting. May 31/09 mmm very good appie and so easy. this time I used a thin savory cracker and followed through with the rest of the recipe, love the touch of tobasco!

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Derf May 31, 2009

These are fabulous! I have made another version before, but the tobasco adds just enough punch. I use 12 oz cream cheese because for us, the full package of good seasons is too salty. I put the cream cheese in the microwave for 10 seconds or so to soften and make easy to mix. I added a couple additional shakes of tobasco and let the mixture blend overnight. I don't like these on party ryes, so I buy a thin baguette at the grocery, slice thin and generously spread the mixture on that and top with the cuke that I slice in the food processor. Easy peasy. There are never any leftovers. I stashed a few to save for after the party and they were soggy the next day, so they don't keep well after the fact if you happen to have leftovers. This recipe goes in my tried and true folder. Definitely a keeper. Thanks Judy-Jude.

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Cathy17 January 01, 2012

These are so quick and easy. Omitted the tabasco and instead of dill used lemon pepper. They were gone in a flash!!!

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tkbetz December 15, 2010

This was so easy and tasty. I even made the mix the night before and then spread it on the bread just before serving. I decorated the tops with a half slice of thinly sliced cucumber. This one is a keeper. Thanks chef Judy.

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vinobabe August 23, 2003

This was very tasty and attractive. I used round crackers about 2' in diameter. If I made it again I would use a smaller round crackers and smaller cucumbers. The larger size cracker caused this to be harder to eat. Also, in addition to using a smaller cracker I would use a cracker or bread that would not get so soggy fast. I found it quicker and easier to use my cookie shoot tube to apply the cream cheese mixture to the cracker. I copied another user and placed a lil tiny red pepper chip atop each cucumber slice, but the red pepper chip didn't; stay centered.

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Granny Laura July 24, 2013

wonderful appetizer, so fresh and healthy. I used a ranch mix seasoning instead of italian. Thanks Judy :) Made for Name that ingredient tag game

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Boomette July 02, 2013

Very solid appetizer. Prep was quick and easy, flavor was good. I used Rye and Caraway trisquits and put a piece of red pepper on top for a pop of color. I also used 2 dashes of sirracha sauce as that is the hot sauce we keep in the house - it was fine. They were well received and a good summer flavor, I'd definitely make them again. The only downside is the crackers quickly got moist, they were made for an open house event, that evening we tried them about 5 hours later after all the guests had gone home and the crackers were already kinda moist and unpleasant, so don't make up more than you'll use. I had doubled my batch as I wasn't sure what turnout would be, and was glad I did not make up all the crackers ahead of time or I'd have thrown a lot away.

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Dr.JenLeddy June 15, 2013
Cucumber and Cream Cheese Appetizers