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While making the orange peels I thought it seemed like an awful lot of orange relative to the rest of the filling ingredients. Found the original recipe in a Bon App?tit "Cookies" book and the fillinf calls for 1 1/2 ounces of the peel. Also says to add 1 3/4 cups water to the pan. I'll have to find some uses for the orange peel (keeps for 2 months in the fridge).

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JB IL December 19, 2012

I made these cookies from the "Best of Bon Appetit, 1984" cookbook, probably in 1989. They were the most delicious cookies I'd ever had, and although time consuming, they were worth it. Unfortunately, when I got divorced in 1992, my husband got the cookbook (it had been a wedding present from a friend of his), I couldn't remember the name of the cookie or the exact year of the cookbook. DISASTER! I've been looking for this recipe ever since. THANK YOU, ELLIE! P.S. This submission doesn't make it clear: you glacee the orange peels FIRST (lines 25-36) to use in the filling (line 2.)

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docscubagirl December 11, 2007

These were an interesting cookie. My in-laws are from Italy and thought they were wonderful. My children did not care for them as I think they require more of a mature taste bud to appreciate the flavors. They were a bit of work to make, but I'm glad I tried them. While these are not really my personal preference for a cookie, my in-laws enjoyed them very much and wanted the recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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mermaidmagic December 15, 2004
Cucidati (Fruit-and-Chocolate-filled Cookie Rolls)