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I halved this recipe, and made some modifications based on what I had in my kitchen, so mine probably tastes totally different, but I agree with the other reviewers: the cumin and red wine make the sauce. I used a ground-beef/ground-turkey mix for the meat. I sauteed with onion as well as a mild pepper and additional diced bell pepper. I substituted a fresh tomato and some paste for the canned tomatoes. I used plain croutons and when I stirred them in, I added a few tablespoons of broth so they wouldn't dry out. Fabulous!

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ruby_slippers October 03, 2010

This recipe is courtesy of the 3 Guys from Miami.
They are the very best with Chop meat always "FRESH ONLY"
Uncle John Travel (agent with cruise brothers.

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John Cruise May 13, 2011

These were oh so good. I didn't have french bread so I just threw in some Spanish rice instead. The red wine really added something to the meat mixture. This was absolutely delicious. The only things I did differently (other than the rice) were: use 1lb of meat, a can of rotel, and 4 green peppers. Thanks for posting!

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Dmar 311 August 31, 2007

Hi Chefwally; The Stuffed Peppers turned out so good that I ate 2 of them. They were large peppers, used 2 green and 1 sweet red. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of the cumin. The sauce with wine, cumin, and ketchup, pepper and salt, really added a great flavor. I am so pleased that I adopted you and to make your recipes. Thanks for posting this recipe. "Uncle Bill"

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William (Uncle Bill) Anatooskin September 29, 2006

Great stuffed peppers, Wally! I used fresh tomatoes, added garlic & halved the peppers so I could easily mound all the stuffing. Everything works so well together. We loved the sweet of the ketchup combined w/the distinct red wine flavor & the cumin. DH says he is sure you & I have the 2 best stuffed pepper recipes at RZ. Thx for posting.

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twissis August 28, 2006

I love stuffed vegetables. Its a common food in Greece but instead of breadcrumds we use rice. So, I made the recipe exactly as written to descover the changes. Wordeful! I used fesh tomato instead of canned and used all the ketchup. Oh, I forgot I added some parsley too. Loved it, I will maked it again. Thanks!

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katia July 18, 2006

I found that a very tasty dish. Loved the cumin in it - I actually used double the amount in the stuffing by mistake, but the result was great. I liked the ketchup in the filling, but the amount of ketchup in the sauce was slightly too much for my taste, alghough I thinned it with all the tomato juice left and not just the stated amount of 1/4 cup. In Switzerland, ketchup is mainly used to serve with French fries, but hardly ever in cooking. I guess that's why it was too sweet for me. I did love the wine, though. This would be lovely with some more tomato sauce (including chopped tomatoes) around the peppers. I served this with rice and then it's nice to have some extra sauce. All in all a very good recipe that I really enjoyed and that I may make again with the mentioned changes to adapt it to my taste. Thank you for sharing this recipe, chef wally!

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tigerduck June 22, 2006

I used very lean ground sirloin, rotel tomatoes, a little garlic and a really nice red wine. I did moisten the stale bread just a bit--the way I do for panzanella. Mine turned out very juicy with a nice amount of sauce and just the right heat from the cumin (and the Rotel). Thanks, Chef Wally!

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Chef Kate June 18, 2006

A tasty stuffed pepper recipe. I used ground round, mexican style diced tomatoes, and vegetable broth instead of red wine. The green peppers I cut in half to make a nice shell for stuffing with meat mixture. I liked the cumin flavor but DH asked for a bit less next time and thought the bread cubes made the beef mixture a little dry. I enjoyed everything! Thank you Chef Wally for posting this recipe!

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lauralie41 June 16, 2006
Cuban Stuffed Bell Peppers