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I just made this today and the only thing I did differently was to add 2 packets of Goya Sazon. it is fabulous! Really tasty!

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alimustokoff October 06, 2010

yummy!! first time trying this, it was very good, I did add more garlic and a bay leaf!! The leftovers tasted even better, I didn't have beef broth, so I used chicken broth!!!

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nellyevans17 March 19, 2010

This was the BEST recipe, and so easy! Very authentic too. The first time I had ropa veija was in a Cuban restaurant in Coconut Grove in Miami--awesome! I made very few changes--it's important to let the meat come to room temperature before you pan sear it (I added a little sea salt and cracked pepper before searing, and did about 3 mins a side). I put the meat in the crockpot, then lightly tossed the garlic, onion, pepper, tomato sauce and used half a can of tomato paste (instead of a whole can) in the same pan with the cumin to combine it before pouring it on top of the meat. I added extra cumin (about an additional 2 teaspoons) and doubled the garlic because we like it, and I added one can of petite diced tomatoes to the mix because when I have this dish in restaurants it includes pieces of tomato throughout. I added additional fresh cilantro because we like it (about 3 Tablespoons altogether) and cooked it for 8 hours on low in the crock pot. I served this as they do in Cuban restaurants with white rice, low sodium black beans seasoned with sauteed onion and garlic, splash of wine and oregano (from the Goya can recipe), lime wedges, sweet plaintains, and tortillas and included additional chopped cilantro on the side for those who like it. Will definitely be making this again--made for a wonderful Sunday dinner and had yummy leftovers as well. Note: I updated this rating to indicate that using 1/2 a can of tomato paste was an improvement, especially since I add a can of chopped diced tomatoes as well.

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Kimchi1 August 16, 2012

This turned out quite nice. I had just a little over 1 lb of meat - not sure exactly what kind of beef - but I used pretty much the full quantity of veggies, and omitted the tomato paste. I used a red pepper instead of green. I changed to procedure to deglaze the skillet with the broth (used chicken broth). I suspect that "someone" added some hot sauce, as mine was spicier than I thought it would be. It was very nice with a warm flour tortilla. I added the cilantro to the shredded meat. I got three servings with 1 lb of meat and the additional vegetables.

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duonyte January 30, 2010

Chose this because it is much simpler than most ropa vieja recipes. First time exactly as written and it was good. Second time I added a packet of Sazon Goya as well as some roasted cumin powder. Even better. We eat these as tacos on flour tortillas with shredded cabbage, extra cilantro, pico de gallo, and cilantro sauce (Mexican crema, lime juice, cilantro, and jalapeño blended together.

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JDH4 September 16, 2015

This was amazing! I've given the recipe to everyone I know!

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Chef Brandyb March 26, 2013

Very good recipe! I increased the garlic and added cayenne pepper because we like the spice. It was a little too 'soupy' (runny) to put in a burrito. So we served it over rice. Perfect!

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tntlasater January 30, 2013

Took quite a bit longer to cook than I thought(about14 hours) in a good slow cooker.
Needed a bit of hot sauce when it was done. But otherwise very simple to make and came out great.

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Jammer man June 18, 2012

First off I want to say, I love this dish. I used a blender to chop up a can of diced tomatoes and I used 4 tablespoons of tomato paste(from my freezer stock), and a bullion cube. I also added a teaspoon of cumin. I used a pot roast which was a bit over 2 pounds. I am freezing left overs for husband and I so we can enjoy it again soon. I served with lime cilantro rice, black beans, and homemade tortillas. I thought there might be a vinegar taste but there wasnt at all, which pleased my husband. I would highly recommend this.

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viviansmomma January 29, 2012

I made this for OAMC cooking. My family really liked it and it was very moist despite being left in the slow cooker for 8 hours. Next time I make it I will probably add more garlic, cumin, coriander and chilies. I served it with rice, black beans and plantains. Thanks for sharing; it's a great slow cooker recipe!

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hedgiehog November 01, 2011
Cuban Ropa Vieja - Crock Pot (Oamc)