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Caribbean cuisine, 2 c. citrus juice and 10 cloves of garlic -- had to try it! :-) And glad I did. Made it for DH last night, who is Latin, and he really enjoyed it too. I cut the cumin in half (though I love the spice, for me, a little cumin goes a long way) and also added some red pepper flakes. As promised, it was tender and flavorful. I'll definitely make this again -- and I'll likely try it with a pot roast (probably would marinate beef longer, though). A question -- I used the reserved marinade for cooking, but I also used the marinade from the bag. I figured it was going to get cooked anyway, so it was safe; maybe someone can comment why this is/isn't a good idea. Thanks again for a keeper!

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Spicy Gal October 30, 2004
Cuban Pork Roast