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Very Good. It worked well without stock and was good the way it was, but I decided to pump up the nutrition a little and added some fresh spinach and it was very good that way too.

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michele morgan March 03, 2007

Oh this is so good on a chilly day! I added extra butternut squash instead of potatoes, Bizol spice instead of saffron, and cumin seeds that I heated with the onions and garlic. I served it with Bev's Creamy Rye Bread and it was just perfect. Thanks, Carole in Orlando

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carole in orlando December 13, 2005

Absolutely delicious soup...I'm very picky about soup, and this one is a winner. Usually I think soups need some type of stock, but this one does not...extremely flavorful and full-bodied. I actually found this exact recipe on a different site...I think it's a site called the Soup Lady...I had everything in stock, so I thought I'd try it. I tripled the recipe because I like to make large soup batches. I was out of fresh tomatoes, so I had to use crushed tomatoes..they seemed very rich, so in my triple recipe, I only used two cups of the crushed maters, and that worked out well...a little pinkish in the broth, but not over tomato-y. I didn't have saffron, and upon tasting, I decided that it still needed "something" so I added 1 tsp of fennel seeds, and quite a bit of salt. That did the trick! This is a rustic soup...I think you can play with the quantities. I added more white potatoes and more cabbage than it called for, because I needed to use some up. I also used two types of squash to make up the total..butternut and hubbard. Any yellow winter squash would be just fine. The soup was even better a few hours later, so it will probably be one of those that will taste better the 2nd day. For dinner, I made some Italian Sausage meatballs (which have fennel) and put the meatballs in each bowl with the soup. That kept my hubby happy, as he's a meat eater. It was wonderful.

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moramor November 29, 2005
Cuban Navy Bean Soup