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The garnishes are really what make this 5 star. They all meld so well together with the meat and vegetables. I baked this at 375 for 50 minutes so I didn't have to worry about it sticking. It gave the red pepper a nice roasted flavor. I scaled this down for 2 people, but still used the whole pepper and whole can of beans. I did not add any water to the baking dish, used 2 garlic cloves and doubled the cumin.

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Maito June 22, 2010

We loved this! The flavors were wonderful. I omitted the salt (personal preference). The garnishes really kicked this over the top, and the lime juice added a brilliant zing. Keeper! Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews December 14, 2009

This didn't really do it for us--the vegetables were too well done for our taste by the time the chicken had finished, and it was a bit of a pain to cook--the chicken kept sticking really badly, so that by the end of the browning, it'd lost all the skin and some of the meat. I had to deglaze the pan before proceeding just to keep it from scorching. I think the idea has potential, but I think I'll have to make some big adjustments for it to suit our tastes. I think I'll try flouring the chicken before browning, so it won't stick so badly, and cook the chicken longer before adding the vegetables to preserve their fresh flavor and texture. Some changes that I made that I think I liked included subbing Mexican adobo seasoning for the oregano and salt, and adding cilantro and tomato along with the lime juice at the end. Thanks for posting, breezermom--sorry it wasn't more to our taste! Made for Holiday Tag game.

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Halcyon Eve January 01, 2009

This was a very good idea, but I made a lot of changes to add flavour. I added cumin and a bay leaf because I've never heard of frijoles negros without them. I also chopped up a small tomato and some fresh cilantro. I've never used lime juice in frijoles negros, but it was a great addition and now I'll always use it!

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whitneyhill April 17, 2008

This is a really great dish.I added a teaspoon of cumin and it was great.Thank you for a great recipe.

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Liz Fresh Plate September 05, 2007

What a great one-pot meal! My family really loves Latin food and this was way yummy!

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Kat Rahal July 12, 2006
Cuban Chicken With Black Beans