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Living in Florida, we have cuban bread all the time and love it!! This is wonderful tasting bread and my 16 yo DS loved it!! He had his bread with olive oil and herb mixture and I had mine with butter. I made 1/2 of the recipe for 3 loaves, which compared to the bread we get here, these were 3 small loaves. Next time I would make it into two loaves or maybe even one loaf. Thanks for sharing a delicious bread recipe that I will be making again. Made for Potluck Tag.

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diner524 March 22, 2009

I made Cuban bread!!! What's next? Will I be able to play the piano and hang glide? Seriously, if you had told me one week ago that I would be baking bread that tastes better than my neighborhood bakery; I would have laughed out loud.

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gailanng July 25, 2013

This bread is delicious. I was a bit compulsive, and proofed the yeast in the water with the sugar. I cut the butter into three cups of the flour before adding the liquid. Then, I kneaded in most of the remaining cup of flour. I made one large loaf instead of six small ones. I know I will be making this again. Thanks so much!

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tednjoc August 19, 2011

My boyfriend is from Tampa/St. Petesburg and loves Cuban sandwiches. We live in Wyoming so ain't no chance we can find them here. I just made the loaves and he said it tastes exactly like the Cuban bread you can get in St. Pete. Next to roast some pork and make the sammiches! Thanks! p.s. I used bacon fat for the lard.

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Linda C. August 22, 2015

I would consider myself an excellent chef but a novice baker. I have some experience with breads but they always come out dense & this was no exception. I followed the instructions & hand made the bread as I don't have any special equipment. I let it rise outside similar to the atmosphere of the Cuban bakeries I had toured in ybor city as a child. The scent was amazing & for that alone I would repeat the recipe. The yield is smaller than you would imagine for that much flour. I found the recipie lacking attention as to what type of yeast is best & proper techniques to achieve the delicate texture of a true Cuban bread. Crusty on the outside soft & delicate in the middle. If I were to try for Cuban bread again I would look elsewhere for a recipie but for a simple loaf that is an accessory to a well thought out meal this is adequate.

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gabi.curry July 27, 2015

While the end results was good, the instructions and list of ingredient were quite lacking. Tha amount of water was insufficient to make the dough. I had to add more water until a ball could be formed. For Cuban bread, do not use butter. It changes the flavor and you wind up with a basic french bread.

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Chicoisa May 17, 2015
Cuban Bread (Pan Cubano)