Cuban Boliche Roast

Total Time
3hrs 30mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 3 hrs

I had a live in housekeeper who prepared this roast. We called it Chela's Roast, but later learned it was Boliche roast. This recipe is a combination of a half English, half Spanish recipe I wrote down as she cooked the roast and a Cuban Boliche Recipe I found. The roast goes well with any Hispanic rice dish.

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  1. Slice sausage.
  2. Make a cut in roast length wise down the center and create a pocket.
  3. Stuff with with sausage.
  4. Cut smaller slits in roast and insert garlic slices.
  5. Mix salt and pepper with flour and dredge roast in flour mixture.
  6. In a large pan or dutch oven heat olive oil and brown roast on all sides.
  7. (You aren't cooking the roast, just lightly browning it, the whole process should take about 5 minutes) Reduce heat and add remaining ingredients.
  8. Cook, covered over low heat for 3 hours.
  9. May add additional tomato sauce if necessary.
Most Helpful

Irish, I haven't made this recipe yet. However all you need to do is put the rest of the ingredients over the roast.

ElaineM October 27, 2007

I would like to try this recipe, and at the risk of sounding stupid,especially given the good reviews. . . What does one do with the oregano, bay leaves, paprika, tomato sauce, onions, and green pepper?

Irish Fasnacht May 03, 2007

found this recipe to put in my school project on the Caribbean. my mum cooked it to try and its really gorgeous. Thankyou, Brad age 9, Poole Dorset

Gni July 09, 2005