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This has become my "go to" recipe for Black Bean Soup. Had to play around with the water level on the beans the first time or two. I also originally out thought the recipe and figured that it had to be a type or something with that much green pepper and onion in the recipe. I finally understood you're making a sofrito essentially to thicken the soup with all the green peppers and onions / shallots. I've ended up reducing the cups of water I start with to 10, not 12 and add as I need to (just enough to barely keep the beans covered). When you then add in the sofrito, it's really wonderful. Also, I sometimes skip the pumpkin seeds and garnish with tortilla strips and sour cream. I add the jalapeno right into the rest of the peppers in the sofrito versus using as a garnish. We sometimes also skip the meat, it's perfect as a vegetarian dish or using chicken bouillion as a cooking stock.

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mdpfirrman October 30, 2013

This soup is delicious!!!! The only thing I did different was use chicken base (2 Tablespoons) in my water that I cooked the beans in. Love black beans soup and this was the best I ever had.

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catmaland77 January 04, 2015

This was absolutely great. I used 10 cups of water and it worked out great. I also used an emulsion blender with a couple two or three buzzes at the end to thicken a little more. I also added some white rice to it as well. all the condiments made it. Just great. Im saving this one for sure.

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bmwkiz_12331913 March 10, 2014

This is the best! One of our favorite soups--so fresh tasting.

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TexasToast R November 16, 2008
Cuban Black Bean Soup